• Tooth & Toenail

    Tooth & Toenail

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Tooth & Toenail is a short book by a local pastor and speaker. Tasty Waves worked with...

  • Tasty Waves Surf Academy

    Tasty Waves Surf Academy

    GRAPHIC DESIGN Tasty Waves is a new surf academy in Oceanside, California. For their branding we created a fun...

  • Checkout Seats

    Checkout Seats

    WEB DESIGN For Checkout Seats we created a website that interfaced with an existing API. This development called for...

  • D’ Artistes

    D’ Artistes

    BRANDING D’ Artistes is an artisan hair saloon. The rebranding centered around the ideas of communication and art.

  • Victor Marx

    Victor Marx

    WEB DESIGN For Victor Marx a major revamp of their site and donation platforms was necessary. The new build...

  • Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

    Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation

    WEB DESIGN We created a series of websites for OCAF to revamp their entire online presence, including a a...

  • US Air

    US Air

    WEB DESIGN For US Air we created a simple, clean and modern site that will help them convert B2B...

  • Rotary Club of El Camino Real

    Rotary Club of El Camino Real

    BRANDING For the Rotary Club of El Camino Real we created an entirely new branding package including logo, website,...

  • Sunset One Escrow

    Sunset One Escrow

    BRANDING Our work with Sunset One focused on updating the branding with a more contemporary style, while still highlighting...

  • Kalm Dental Oasis

    Kalm Dental Oasis

    BRANDING Kalm Dental Oasis was a brand new brand that required a complete branding and web design package. For...

  • Gaudy Law

    Gaudy Law

    BRANDING For Gaudy Law we created an entirely new brand including logo, collateral and website. This new branding focused...

  • Oceanside Harbor Days

    Oceanside Harbor Days

    BRANDING For the 2014 Chamber of Commerce “Harbor Days” event we created a new map, and brochure, a new...

  • Global Conservation Force

    Global Conservation Force

    BRANDING A pro-bono project, our work with Global Conservation Force helped this new non-profit start-up gain online and social...

  • Rockaway Apparel

    Rockaway Apparel

    BRANDING With Rockaway we worked with it’s founders from the beginning of the brands inception. We developed a brand...

  • The Evon Group

    The Evon Group

    BRANDING The Evon Group required a comphrensive branding package for their company debut. This project included a logo, business...

  • Pray For Surf

    Pray For Surf

    Pray For Surf is an book and speaking campaign dedicated to helping people test their limits and take bigger...

  • Law Offices Of Jack B Friedell

    Law Offices Of Jack B Friedell

    BRANDING The Law Offices of Jack B Friedell had an existing website and branding package that did little to...

  • iNovo Applications

    iNovo Applications

    BRANDING We were involved with iNovo Applications from the beginning of their incorporation. Our branding package included a logo,...

  • MIA Gallery

    MIA Gallery

    BRANDING For MIA we focused on creating a brand that spoke to it’s gallery setting. We focused on creating...